Interview mit Hiplok Gründern: Meet Ben & John

Hiplok. Eine Marke, die sich einen Namen gemacht hat nicht nur innovative sondern verdammt sichere und clevere Schlösser für Radfahrer aller Art zu entwickeln. Hiplok wurde von Ben und John gegründet, die eine neue Art finden wollten, um sichere Schlösser etwas anders zu tragen. Daher auch der Name „Hiplok“ was von der Möglichkeit das Schloss an der Hüfte zu transportieren abgeleitet wurde. Ben und John haben sich extra Zeit genommen, um mir ein paar lustige und interessante Fragen im Lückentextstil zu beantworten. Das Interview ist komplett auf Englisch.

Ben Smith: Designer, Burrito lover and downhill freewheeler

  1. The name Hiplok was easy to come up with but it needed a long time to design and decide on the logo and branding.
  2. We got the idea when John had his bike stolen and then it was clear that we had to design an easyier way to carry a lock around.
  3. The weight of the Hiplok Gold is just over 2 kgs yet the weight is distributed around the hips so you dont notice it as much.
  4. When we first presented the hiplok idea people really liked it and we were really amazed that nobody had designed anything similar before.
  5. I‘m happy as fuck when I get out on my bike for lunch discover the buriito van is in leamington and use my hiplok.
  6. Designing products and creating new ideas is part of Hiplok’s DNA.
  7. Talking about hiplok for women I‘d recommend using any hiplok because the full range has been designed to suit all kinds of cyclists and security scenarios. Use the lock you feel most comfortable with.
  8. What I most love about the cycling community is that it is so diverse and reflects so many of postive human aspects we as a company belive in.
  9. To keep a bike really safe I think you should never assume it wont get stolen and always LOCK IT UP!
  10. Well, I would call myself a designer or inventor first then a cyclist who loves to ride with friends.
  11. My dreambike? Impossible question to answer. Too many to choose from! Though id settle for more time to ride what i have right now (though id take a pinarello dogma tomorrow if youre offering)
  12. If I had to choose one place to ride, it‘d be the french alps because its beautifull and steeped in history
  13. Flowers, pink butterflys and romantic logos are surely the … of every cycling woman. No comment
  14. Women in cycling are extremely welcome but rarely look bad in lycra unlike some men!? ***cant think of good answer to this!****
  15. I don‘t think that woman in cycling should be treated any differently to men.
  16. The best sound a bike can make is freewheeling downhill and the worst sound a bike can make is crashing in to a tree.
  17. Socks in cycling are totally not something i have ever thought a great deal about and in my opinion and I think the perfect lenght is whatever you feel best in.


John Abrahams: MTB dude, not-shaver and backpack-rider

  1. I don‘t think that woman in cycling should be singled out as women in cycling! They should just be another cyclist! However, from a safety point of view I do see new cyclists in London that put themselves in danger with their positioning and decision making on the road, so I think an education program for new cyclists in UK cities would be useful…
  2. The best sound a bike can make is mountain bike tyres ripping through a corner and the worst sound a bike can make is creaking bottom bracket.
  3. Socks in cycling are totally should be black in my opinion and I think the perfect lenghth is quite high – up to shin – DH mountain bike style… !
  4. When on the bike in the city, my biggest fear is being overtaken by another cyclist :- followed by crazy arse drivers.
  5. If I could choose one dude for a bromance, it would be – I already have one – co founder John!
  6. Cycling in Leamington Spa is such a huge difference to cycling in London or New York as it’s way quieter but they do need to improve the infrastructure to encourage more cycling
  7. When others talk about hairless legs I laugh out loud because I don’t shave my legs and never will ( well maybe if I have to stop riding MTB and become 100% roadie ).
  8. If I had to choose between a cycling backpack and a musette I‘d choose a backpack because I always carry a lot of stuff to and from work – but I think backpack design for riders can be improved…
  9. Regarding cycling shorts or pants I‘m a pro cycling shorts – nice bit of padding always helps!
  10. My worst experience on a bike was in Californiabreaking my collar bone for the second time and driving myself home for an hour!
  11. My thoughts about bike thieves are simple: Ass holes, but some may be at a desperate time in their life so kind of feel sorry for them also…
  12. If I would see my bike get stolen I immediately would hopefully chase them down and give him a disappointed stare!
  13. Singlespeed is something I have 2 of in my garage but Fixies are on the other hand I have just one.
  14. My best ride ever was down A-Line in Whistler with Brendan Fairclough whipping in front of me – serious style
  15. You will never see me on my bike as long as it‘s a 29er or that may be a lieI quite want to get one for XC.

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